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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grace Isn't Just Somebody's Name

        With the end of the school year, we've been a bit flubbergusted (is that even a word?) with getting all the loose ends tied up before the actual "end" arrives. (I'm not talking about the Second Coming.)  Why are there so many parties and final projects and graduations and teachers' gifts and just STUFF this last week of school? I think we should have a week in April when we get to do the "last week of school" and then the following weeks could just be school work until the "end" arrives. That would give me a breather.
        Anyway, with all the STUFF, we've been a bit edgy. "GRACE AND MERCY" has been my mantra to my kids. (It's in capital letters because I am usually yelling it.) Grace and Mercy. When Dad forgets to give you hot lunch on your hot lunch day and Mom has to repack it in seconds while we're already late for school. GRACE. Or when Mom forgets to bring your violin to school after she promises (since you forgot it FIRST) so you have to be bored during music class. GRACE. How about the fact that you didn't have any clean LONG pants to wear this morning and it was only 42 degrees outside so you had to wear shorts and "just cover your legs with a blanket" in the car?
         And it's only Tuesday.
         Thank God for grace! I often talk about the grace God has for us, but what about the grace we should have for each other? The dictionary describes Christian grace as "the free and unmerited favor of God". I'd like to see some of that in this family this week. I know I'm not mom-of-the-year right now, but just love me. And I'll love you even though your socks don't match (I know...the other "mate" isn't washed) or the fact that you said you didn't have homework last night so you could go outside and play but, "discovered" that you did this morning and did it at breakfast.
         GRACE. That's my goal today (or this week). Grace.
         Join me?

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